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Thank you for considering PayaCardServices, we are required to provide an indicative quotation for the UK Market in a specified format by the UK Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) through an online calculator.

You can use this to compare our acquiring rates with other providers within the UK Market, to find the best deal for you.

Please note the calculator produces a blended rate for comparison purposes as required by the PSR.

Paya Group works with a number of acquirers which means that we are able to offer merchants both Interchange ++ cost model or blended pricing options upon request of a bespoke quotation.

We support full transparency on the detail and make-up of the costs associated with accepting cards. Cost plus pricing is the transparent pass-through of each of the cost elements as outlined below.While the elements in relation to the Interchange and Card Scheme Fees may vary depending on several factors within a transaction, the Acquiring charge element will remain the fixed amount or percentage rate agreed with your acquirer.

Associated costs with the acceptance of card payments can be broken into 3 distinct elements:

  • Interchange – This is the fixed fee that is charged by the Card Issuer for every transaction processed, for the most up to date current rates please visit the website of the relative Card Scheme where they publish and maintain these rates.
  • Card Scheme Fees – These are the charges levied by the Card Schemes for use and development of their services.
  • Acquiring Charges – These are the charges agreed to with your acquiring bank and usually come in the form of a fixed amount per transaction and / or an ad valorem % rate.

Please complete the following fields to get an indicative blended rate quote for your business. Prices quoted are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding rates applicable to you.

Your costs for accepting common individual card payments

If you are looking to switch provider, please enter the following information as shown on your current acquiring statement.

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