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How to retain business leads
June 12, 2018

Making use of business leads can be a fantastic tool for a company to generate new contacts, clients and customers. But what should you do to ensure those leads don’t go cold, so you don’t miss out on some good business opportunities?

Focus your efforts

Retaining business leads is easier if you’re focusing your marketing efforts on businesses likely to be receptive to you from the outset.

This can be especially helpful if your business uses large databases of purchased contacts. If you spend too much time directing your efforts towards leads that either have no need for your services, or are very unlikely to make use of them, then you might not be spending enough time on those that do and will. This means you could be missing out on some lucrative business relationships.

Keep communication channels open

A great way to help ensure that leads stay warm and potential customers overlook your competitors is to make sure you keep in frequent contact with them. Letting contact lapse after an initially positive engagement period might make those businesses feel like they aren’t high on your list of priorities.

It’s also wise to keep your ear to the ground for indicators such as a potential client suddenly going quiet, cancelling a first meeting, or suddenly altering their management and employment structure. Situations like this could mean that a formerly positive lead is going cold as a result of factors including financial issues, a change in direction, or having to make changes to their business.

At times like this, it might be helpful to reach out with a tailored engagement package. You could offer things such as a discounted rate, or certain free bonuses, if that company makes use of your business. This could be something as simple as a discount on a first transaction with your business. Or you could invite a handful of the most important leads to an upcoming company dinner to make them feel special and a key part of your developing team.