Why PCS?

We're different

100% Online application
We like to stand out from the crowd. That's why we've developed an online quote tool and application form - making it quick and easy to find out how much you'll pay and to apply.

No lengthy contracts
The best of the best. We're proud to offer our services without locking you into a lengthy contract - this gives you total flexibility and control as your business grows. Why would you want to sign up for a 3-5 year deal anyway?

Any size of business
We provide businesses, irrespective of size, with everything they need to start accepting credit and debit card payments. Perfect for Corporates and SME's, Retailers, Franchises, Mobile businesses, Start-ups, Sole traders and Partnerships.

Account choice
We offer two types of account - a Pay Monthly Direct Merchant Account, ideal if your card turnover exceeds 25k per year, and a Pay As You Go managed account for start-ups and smaller businesses.

Competitive rates
Whether you're new to cards or switching we offer market leading rates. You can apply for a Paya account for all or part of your merchant services, or you can bring an existing account and still benefit from our sophisticated gateway and terminal solutions.If you're just looking for a new terminal supplier only, please call us on 0333 123 1243 to discuss your needs.

Award winning
Last but not least, Paya Card Services is brought to you by Acceptacard Limited - provider of Payatrader, the award winning "Payatrader" card processing solution designed for small businesses.


Pay Monthly

Perfect for SME's and Corporates that accept high volumes of card payments, those that prefer to have their own Merchant Account or businesses looking to simplify & reduce the cost of PCI compliance.

  • Direct Merchant Account
  • Multi-Channel
  • Debit Cards from 0.44%
  • Credit Cards from 0.80%
  • No monthly admin fee
  • No lengthy contract
  • Choice of Chip & PIN terminals
  • Secure, PCI compliant
  • Settlement T+3 days

When you apply for your Pay Monthly Direct Merchant Account you will be given the option to select a Chip & PIN only merchant account, eCommerce only (telephone & online payments) or both.

Customers that choose Ingenico Chip & PIN terminals will automatically benefit from the latest security standards, secure Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). This takes the majority of your card data out of scope for PCI DSS assessment - saving time, money and giving you peace of mind.

Important! When choosing a provider, carefully check the length of the contract for terminal provision as this may prove costly if your business circumstances change.

Pay As You Go

Designed for Start-ups and Small businesses that take low volumes of card payments or that prefer to pay only when the service is used. Used by over 5,000 small businesses, from builders to beauticians!

  • Paya Merchant Account
  • Multi-Channel
  • Rates from 2.3%
  • Simple, single rate for all cards (except Amex)
  • No account admin or minimum usage fees
  • No minimum term contract
  • Choice of Chip & PIN terminals
  • No PCI compliance fees
  • Weekly settlement

Please see our pricing page for rate tables or use the Quick Quote tool to find which account is best for you and for detailed pricing.