Useful Info: switching providers


With rates from 0.44% on Debit and 0.80% on Credit cards you could make significant savings by switching to Paya Card Services.

Your Merchant Account

This is the account that allows you to accept credit & debit card payments which are later transferred to your bank account. Unfortunately, some businesses pay too much for this service in the belief they need to sign-up with their main business bank. That's why switching to PCS, a fully FCA registered Small Payment Institution, can save you up to 40% compared with your current provider.

Switching your service

This is quick and easy process that takes about 10 minutes of your time. Simple click the Online Quick Quote button and follow the on-screen steps. First you will be given a detailed pricing; if you are happy with is you can continue with our 100% online application form. Once we've recieved your application you cant expect to be set up within 7 working days.

Switching part of your service - PSP or Gateway provider

If you're satisfied with your existing merchant account provider & rates, you could still save by changing your gateway provider. If you accept online or telephone payments, the payment gateway acts as the link between your virtual terminal and/or website payment page and your merchant bank. Often the provider of your merchant account is the gateway provider too - but there's no reason why you cannot change either, or both, services to Paya Card Services. Reasons to switch to us for gateway services include:

Switching Terminal provider

Are your terminals near end of life or are you paying too much in monthly fees? If this sounds like you, use the Quick Quote tool to see what you could save.