Secure P2PE

Data Security

PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) and certification requirements vary depending on the number of transactions you process and the manner in which they are processed.

For many merchants, satisfying the requirements involves completion of an annual self-assessment questionnaire (PCI-DSS SAQ).

Achieving the standard can be time consuming and costly, and If you do not comply with the requirements, you put your organisation at risk and may attract a fine.

P2P Encryption

With Pay Monthly you can choose either a secure UK Standard Certified terminal or one of the very latest P2PE security accredited terminals from Ingenico with 'Total Care', the first product worldwide to offer secure Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) - taking the majority of your card data out of scope for PCI DSS assessment.

Certified by the PCI Security Standards Council in November 2013, using a PCI level 1 certified gateway, it is the most secure way to process face-to-face card payments and enables businesses to achieve, and maintain, PCI DSS without the need for complex assessments.



Benefit from P2PE Encryption...

  • Save time & expense
  • Simplified PCI compliance
  • No complex paperwork to complete
  • Included with the Ingenico terminal range
  • Peace of mind, knowing your cardholder data is secure
Benefit from P2PE Encryption...